May 31 Draft

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 1 Jun 95 20:42:40 EDT

First, thanks to Dan for getting this out. Great job.
Second, I have no major gripes that haven't already been aired.
Third, a few nits:

p.1, footnote. "identified" is clearer than "called out" to

p.2, para 3. "several variations"? Just two, surely?

p.3, top. [SGML] should have the brackets removed.

p.4, top. ditto, passim (eg p.6, bottom) There are rather a lot
of these.

p.17, HTTP-EQUIV "doducment" --> "document"

p.20, 4.5.2 PRE insert space between "text" and "and"

p.20, footnote to 3rd list item: add "e" to "Som"; remove first "g"
from "engcouraged"

p.28, 4.10 IMG delete blank line in source code between end of
sentence and footnote reference 8. Add space in
footnote text between "element." and "If".

p.30, 5.1 ISO Latin-1 Use of "Nr." is surely unnecessary: replace by "No."

p.32, "bannanas" --> "bananas" throughout

p.32, 6.3 Queries [URL] remove brackets

p.35, "checkbox" thru "text" should be a nested list under "type"

[I'm intrigued by the suggestion of idempotency as the basis for
discriminating between selection of GET over POST for the FORM METHOD

Sec 8.4.1 fix alignment in table: 4th col (Description) is out.