Re: HTML 2.0 LAST CALL: Numeric character refs

Daniel W. Connolly (
Thu, 1 Jun 95 22:31:44 EDT

In message <>, Da
vid - Morris writes:
>In reference to 5/51 postscript#2, page 1333, section 3.2.1, change
>the last sentence of the first paragraph to read:
> On the other hand, references to undeclared entities
>+ and numeric character references which cannot be resolved
>+ (e.g., are out of range)
> should be treated as data characters.

Done. (for the next draft)

>Change the last to lines of the example to show:
> Let &alpha;, &beta; &#97;nd &#76647; be finite sets.
> => "Let &alpha;, &beta; and &76647; be finite sets."