Re: HTML 2.0 LAST CALL: Hyperlinking, Forms, Elements

Fri, 2 Jun 95 00:35:32 EDT

[Dan Connolly:]

| >[...] selected Latin 1 characters [...]
| I'm going with this editorial change, rather than any technical change
| at this point, even though folks on www-html seem to think that ©
| and ® are already part of HTML 2.0. Ya'see, not all the named
| entities you suggest are currently supported, and it's a slippery
| slope where you draw the line.

The decision has already been made to support all of Latin-1, and the
decision has already been made to provide canonical entity names. It
doesn't make sense to do both of those things and then fail to provide
entity names for an arbitrary subset of Latin-1.

| [...]
| I am inclined to hold firm on any changes to the DTD, even for the
| much-needed internationalization improvements. An internationalization
| document is needed ASAP, but I am leery of letting I18N issues delay
| 2.0 any longer.

This is not an I18N issue. We are not talking about expanding
Latin-1; we are talking about supporting it consistently.

A very good case could have been made for avoiding the canonical
character entities entirely. They have no normative force in any ISO
standard (including 8879) or in any other standard that I know of;
HTML will be the first one. But having made the decision to include
them, there is no logically consistent position on this but to
standardize entity names for all of the 191 graphic characters in the
Latin-1 spec. Either that or leave them out.


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