Re: HTML 2.0 Tidbits

lilley (
Fri, 2 Jun 95 06:45:20 EDT

Dan wrote:

> How about this:
> in the description of the IMG element:
> |<p>HTML user agents may process the value of the <attr/ALT/ attribute
> |as an alternative to processing the image resource indicated by the
> |<attr/SRC/ attribute.

Yes. I was unhappy about the wording of the ALT description, but Dan's new
wording is much better.

> and in the attribute list:
> <tli>ALT: text to use in place of the referenced image resource, for
> example due to processing constraints or user preference.

Yes. Good. There are other reasons to be using the ALT text apart from
having an ancient, pre-GUI browser ;-)

I would prefer that the second example be changed from

<IMG SRC="triangle.xbm">Be sure to read these instructions


<IMG SRC="triangle.xbm" ALT="">Be sure to read these instructions

This lets people know that there is a difference between omitting the ALT
text, and inserting blank ALT text; and hints that the latter is preferable.

Tom Wesley, of ICADD, was pleased to se me recommending blank ALT text at
a recent tutorial I gave.

I would also prefer that in the first example, a space was inserted in
the alt text right before the closing quote (Dan, you have alrerady made
one similar change elsewhere, at my suggestion).

> In message <>, Bruce Kahn/Iris writes:

> >There is a minor mistake on the last line of the Image Maps description. It
> >states:
> >with the URI `http://host/cgi-bin/imagemap?0,0'.
> Good catch.

The text in 6.4 does not state the order of the pixel coordinates. I feel this
should be stated explicitly and suggest changing

appending `?' and the coordinates of the pixel to the URI


appending `?' and the coordinates of the pixel in the
order x (horizontal) then y( vertical) to the URI

The position of the origin is also not stated, but the example makes
this clear enough. The order of the coordinates cannot however be
inferred from the example.

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