Re: HTML 2.0 LAST CALL: Hyperlinking, Forms, Elements (fwd)

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Fri, 2 Jun 95 09:57:55 EDT

Daniel W. Connolly writes:
> Message-Id: <>
> To: Murray Maloney <>
> Subject: Re: HTML 2.0 LAST CALL: Hyperlinking, Forms, Elements
> In-reply-to: Your message of "Thu, 01 Jun 1995 14:23:20 EDT."
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> Date: Thu, 01 Jun 1995 22:46:57 -0400
> From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
> Murray: I wish you'd copy the list. I'm almost certainly going
> to have to make these explanations to the list eventually.

OK, here it is on the list. Unfortunately, I did not save
the message that I sent to Dan and Dan has elided some
of my message in his response. To follow this, you'll have
to look to the sections to which I refer, as the quoted text
is what has been elided.
> In message <9506011423.aa10304@dali.scocan.sco.COM>, Murray Maloney writes:
> > I did look at the
> >new Hyperlinks section, and while it is not as complete
> >as might be desirable, it is a step forward from where
> >we were before, and I thnak you for that.
> Unfortunately, it's still kinda broken. What's written there is
> the result of a discussion I had with TimBL. Unfortunately, I
> took the wrong conclusions away from our discussion. After Tim
> reviewed the document, we agreed this section should follow the
> Desxter model.

What is the Desxter model? C'mon Dan, get hip, get cool!
Provide a reference. :->

I have been working on the REL/REV stuff for the past weeks
and have written a description of Hypertext, links, anchors,
targets, etc. Perhaps you'd like to use it. Let me know,
and I'll post it to the list.

> > I would really
> >like to have affiliations included.
> I'm afraid you'll have to lobby hard on this one. Two folks have
> suggested that the names be taken out, and I agree. If you want to "go
> through the list and make value judgements" as to who should be on the
> list, PLUS round up their affiliations, I'll consider putting the
> list back in.

No, I cannot assume that responsiblity -- that would fall to the
chair(s) and author(s) of the HTML 2.0 spec. I am pretty sure
that I was a major contributor, and I would like to have that
recorded for posterity, but I can see where this could become
a sticky little mess. So, having said my piece, I'll give it up
unless there is an outcry for including names and affiliations.
> >In "1.2.2 User Agents" it reads:
> >
> > It allows the user to traverse (or at least attempt
> > to traverse, resources permitting) all hyperlinks in an
> > HTML document.
> >
> >But most user agents do not allow the user to traverse
> >hyperlinks specified with <LINK> -- except for SCO's
> >that is. Do you really want to say this?
> Blech. Good catch.
> How about:
> |<li>It allows the user to traverse (or at least attempt to traverse,
> |resources permitting) all hyperlinks from <tag/A/ elements in an HTML
> |document

Ya, I guess that works. Hmmm. If I hadn't said anything
SCO might have had the only conforming HTML user agent. :-)
> >In " Citation: <CITE>" it reads:
> >
> > ... It is typically rendered as italics.
> Done.
> >In "4.7.2. Typographic Elements" it says:
> >
> >Please change to "indicates".
> Done.
> >In "5.1. The ISO Latin 1 Character Repertoire" it says:
> >
> >When I submitted this section, it included the ASCII name
> >and code position for all three of these control characters.
> >... I wonder
> >why Horizontal Tab was singled out like this.
> I think Roy Fielding changed it, but I'm not sure why... probably
> something to do with CR/LF nonsense. How about this:
> |In HTML, only three control characters are allowed: Horizontal Tab,
> |Carriage Return, and Line Feed (code positions 9, 13, and 10 in ISO
> |8859-1).

Sure, that would work. Or simply remove any reference to code positions.

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