Re: HTML 2.0 LAST CALL: Hyperlinking, Forms, Elements

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 2 Jun 95 17:09:52 EDT

In message <>, lilley writes:
>Arguments for option 4)
>Not all existing browsers implement all the extra named entities. But then, no
>all browsers implement everything anyway. Supporting the extra entities is
>little work. Existing browsers support some of the named entities already.

Ya'know, I glossed right over option 4. Darned good idea, now that
I look at it. I was pretty sleepy at the time. Sorry.

*** June 2 interim draft ***

-rw-r--r-- 1 connolly www 311943 Jun 2 15:17
-rw-r--r-- 1 connolly www 98954 Jun 2 15:18

I've integrated a buch of comments into an interim draft. I'm starting
to work on getting the headers and footers right and junk like that
now. I'll have an RFC-editor-happy version in a few days (headers,
footers, and all, right Joe?).

Here's the change log for the June 2 draft:

Date: Friday Jun 2 4:00:00 1995

* no more A4 paper:

* don't build .txt at all (don't clobber JEnglish's version!)

* remove vestigates of "version=" parameter

* remove list of WG members from acknowledgements

* remove <tag// markup from section titles, as it messes up xrefs

* a few typos

* "selected" latin 1 characters

* fix <!doctypes> in examples

* reword forms intro paragraph to mention form field defaults

* reword forms intro paragraph to mention form field defaults

* indent list of TYPE values

* give list of TEXTAREA attributes

* flush out LINK element description

* add error handling info for numeric character references

* fix & markup delimiter description

* @@ temporarily removed obsolete/proposed stuff. Need to revise it.

* updated comments in DTD,decl; ->

* @@ began revising hyperlink discussion. Needs more work.

* put CR (13) in ISO latin 1 coded character set.

* revised IMG ALT verbage

* added reference to dexter model of hypertext

Date: Friday Jun 2 14:56:00 1995

* Revised hyperlinking discussion: added reference to Dexter Model

* "Glossary" -> "Terms"

* "Bibliography" -> "References"

* Better example for PRE

* Moved XMP, LISTING from Obsolete appendix to Block section,
to match DTD. Changed CDATA discussion from "not used"
to "deprecated." Moved DFN, U, STRIKE from Obsolete
to notes.

* Moved stuff about doctype decls from "Document Structure"
to SGML section. Expanded discussion of doctype decls,
added public text for Level 1 and strict DTDs.

* a few typos

* clarified undefined &#NNN; discussion

* Incorporated Chis Lilly's proposal about entities

* Revised hyperlinking discussion: added reference to Dexter Model

Date: Friday Jun 2 15:08:00 1995
Versions: blocks.sgm,v 1.7,,v 1.2,

* subordinated XMP, LISTING under PRE
* 4 levels deep of numbered sections in the TeXinfo version