Re: APPLET = FIG (was Re: Java Applet element proposal)

Terry Allen (
Sat, 3 Jun 95 10:37:26 EDT

Paul writes:
>The only slight glitch here is that we get very long URIs which
won't fit legally into <FIG>'s SRC attribute. To work around this,
we can define a "URI extension" tag, <PARAM SRC="...">. The content
of <FIG> may begin with any number of <PARAM> tags, whose SRC
attributes will be concatenated to extend the <FIG>'s own SRC
attribute. However, the <FIG>'s SRC must be a syntactically valid
URI by itself.

Ugh. concatenating att values is real ugly. This data should
either be element content (which I suspect it can't be because
there may be arbitrary character combinations that may be
interpreted as SGML markup by the parser --?) or non-SGML info
pointed at by a URI.

I agree with your main point, which is that the APPLET proposal is
overspecific, and I'd like to be able to fold it into FIG, or fold
both into something else.

Another issue connected with figures recently caught my attention:
we seem to have no way to indicate that a picture should be
rendered outside the main window instead of inline. Instead,
some formats are rendered inline and other pop up their own
viewer frames. We ought to find a way to bring this under the
control of the author.


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