Re: HTML 2.0 LAST CALL: Numeric character refs

Daniel W. Connolly (
Sat, 3 Jun 95 11:39:01 EDT

In message <>, Gavin Nicol writes:
>I don't think it is non-conforming SGML (the standard is somewhat
>vague). I think the best way is not to say anything, other than it is
>an error, and leave it to browser implementors to decide upon the

This is the argument I've been waiting to hear. (except that the SGML
standard is not vague on conformance.) It sounds good to me, but I
thought we agreed that it was a good thing if all browsers handled
this type of error the same way. The June 2 verbage is motivated by
the fact that several widely deployed browsers behave that way.

> We had this discussion before, and there was no concensus
>on how to handle out-of-range numeric character references, hence, we
>should not pretend there is concensus now.

Hmm... I guess I saw it differently. I'm sorry to drag this out, but
Eric: could you give the chair's position on this, so we can move on?