Re: Java Applet element proposal
Wed, 7 Jun 95 10:58:32 EDT

Wait a minute here. I'm not following, at all, why there's any need to
change HTML for applets. Even an unmodified HTML 2.0 can do them.
(It can, of course be done MUCH better with <FIG> in HTML 3.)
Consider the following fragment:

>The following region contains an applet<BR

Now, when the browser attempts to retrieve the specified URI, it gets:

200 HTTP/1.0 OK
Content-Type: application/whatever
Content-Length: xxxx
Expires: date
Last-Modified: date
X-Width: 400
X-Height: 300
X-Any-Other-Headers: As-required.

Here is a script that implements an applet in language `whatever'.

As long as the browser knows how to display a media type of
`application/whatever', there's NO PROBLEM. The only HTML language
issue is reserving space in the document for a resource in another medium.
<FIG> does nicely, thank you.

Am I totally off the mark here?


73 de ke9tv/2, Kevin KENNY GE Corporate R&D, Niskayuna, New York, USA