Re: Case Sensitivity

Joe English (
Fri, 9 Jun 95 16:48:47 EDT

"Daniel W. Connolly" <> wrote:

> Ah! now I remember. It was about attribute names and attribute values.
> How about this:
> [...]
> A name consists of a letter followed by up to 71 letters, digits,
> +periods, or hyphens. Element and attribute names are not case
> +sensitive, but entity names are. For example,

And, if you want:

"Attribute values with declared value CDATA, ENTITY, and ENTITIES
are case-sensitive, and all others are case-insensitive.
For example, <code>&lt;A REL="Top" HREF="/TopNode.html"&gt;</code>
and <code>&lt;A REL="TOP" HREF="/TOPNODE.HTML"&gt;</code>
have different <code/HREF/ attribute values, but the same <code/REL/
attribute value."

This is covered later on, in:

> <li>A name token (a sequence of letters, digits, periods, or hyphens).
> +Name tokens are not case sensitive.

so it's probably not necessary.

--Joe English