Re: Comments on June 8 draft (long)

Ian Graham (
Wed, 14 Jun 95 16:05:16 EDT

As a small followup to an excellent post:

> 6. Hyperlinks
> [ Comments: The terms "head" and "tail" to describe
> linkends was totally unfamiliar -- this is the first
> I've heard these terms used in this way. I quickly
> got used to the terminology, but mostly because
> I already knew what, e.g., <A HREF="..."> means,
> and when it was described as a "tail" that clued
> me in to the meaning of the Dexter terminology.
> Suggestion: keep the terms "head" and "tail", but
> add a brief description of what they mean and
> the traversal direction (activating the tail
> anchor traverses to the head anchor?)
> ]

I would suggest the use of the words "anchor" for the
start of a hypertext link and "target" for the end. This
usage is already being used in a draft document on link
relationships, being written by Murray Maloney, and is
I *think* consistent with previous usage in this group
and with usage in other SGML applications.