Re: Comments on June 8 draft (long)

Terry Allen (
Wed, 14 Jun 95 18:07:34 EDT

| >2.2.1. Data Characters, p. 8:
| >
| >| Note that the terminating semicolon is only necessary when the
| >| character following the reference would otherwise be recognized
| >| as markup:
| > ^^^^^^
| >
| >Should read "would otherwise be recognized as part of the entity name".
| > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| Same difference. I'll pass on this one.

Compare &amp<em> and &ampersand. There is a difference.

| By the way... Roy Fielding suggested getting rid of the METHODS
| attribute of the A and LINK element. I'm game for it. In fact,
| I can imagine getting rid of URN and TITLE too. Any thoughts?

Yes. Title aside, this may be a good idea, but how do you know
nobody's using them? and won't it take weeks of discussion?

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