content model of HEAD
Wed, 14 Jun 95 18:56:21 EDT

It's been pointed out to me that a suggestion for changing HEAD didn't
get into the draft. The change is backwards compatible.

The current HTML2 specification has:
<!ENTITY % head.extra "META* & LINK*">
<!ENTITY % head.content "TITLE & ISINDEX? & BASE? &
<!ELEMENT HEAD O O (%head.content)>
which allows several <meta> elements, all at one location within <head>.

The suggestion is to change this to:

<!ENTITY % head.extra "">
<!ENTITY % head.content "TITLE & ISINDEX? & BASE? %head.extra">
<!ELEMENT HEAD O O (%head.content) +(META|LINK)>

with an exclusion on the TITLE element of -(META|LINK).
This allows you to have any number of META and LINK elements on either
side of the title and in any order.

This is the model we use for HoTMetaL, since Internet Assistant generates
HTML that parses with our inclusion-based model but not with the model
used in the HTML 2 draft.

This change is a relaxation: all documents that were valid will remain so.


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