Re: Hyperlink Terminology Re: Comments on June 8 draft

Ralph Ferris (
Wed, 14 Jun 95 20:20:21 EDT

Terry writes:

> Ralph, I've never been quite sure from this whether HTML's
> <a name="foo"> or Docbook's <PARA ID="A12345">, which only
> indentify spots that *can* be pointed at, are proper Hytime
> anchors. Does a Hytime anchor actually have to be pointed at
> by something else (or itself)?

Yes, HyTime uses the term "anchor" exclusively in this sense.
Keep in mind that in HyTime you can point at *anything* using
an appropriate location ladder, so potentailly *anything* is an
anchor. Determining what really is an anchor (in the HyTime sense)
is one of the functions you expect a HyTime engine to provide. The
engine ascertains 1) what links point to a given anchor 2) what
anchors are pointed at by a given link. (Exactly how this
information is provided and when is implementation dependent.)
Note that if an anchor of a given link is determined
dynamically (i.e., through a query), then it won't be known until
the link has been traversed and the results of the query resolved.

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