Re: Comments on June 8 draft (long)

Peter Flynn (
Wed, 14 Jun 95 20:34:41 EDT

> By the way... Roy Fielding suggested getting rid of the METHODS
> attribute of the A and LINK element. I'm game for it. In fact,
> I can imagine getting rid of URN and TITLE too. Any thoughts?

Well the test is 'current practice' ... as far as I can tell URN
is still being defined. Does any UA support METHODS or TITLE?

METHODS I'm lukewarm about, but I would have thought TITLE had far too
much potential to get rid of.

Like LINK, I guess, it's only now becoming apparent what you can do
with it. I'd like to see browsers recognise

<link href="..." rel="sibling" title="Minority report">
<a href="..." rel="toc" title="Inhaltsverzeichnis">...</a>

In the first case, the button or whatever could be dynamically labeled
with the TITLE; in the seocnd, it could be a flash which lights up as
the pointer passes over the highlight.