Re: Implied NAME attribute for INPUT tag?

Mike Meyer (
Thu, 15 Jun 95 13:16:03 EDT

Peter asked me to forward this to the working group, as he forgot to
edit the headers to send it there.


> From: Peter Flynn <>
> Subject: Re: Implied NAME attribute for INPUT tag?
> To:
> Mike Meyer writes [INPUT]:
> > I.e. - the NAME attribute isn't required, but the application should
> > be able to generate one if it's missing.
> >
> > The discussion of form submission (7.2) points out that you can leave
> > out NULL values, and in fact requires that in some cases (7.2.1, point 2).
> >
> > Is the DTD wrong - should NAME be required? If it's not wrong, then
> > the RFC should say something about what the implied value should be. I
> > have no idea what happens in current browsers if you leave out the
> > name field.
> >
> > SELECT and TEXTAREA don't have this problem - they require the NAME
> > attribute.
> I can see where SUBMIT and RESET don't require a NAME, as they are intended
> to perform an operation, not include/capture some data, but my problem for
> users is, unless NAME is compulsory, there's no easy way for an editor to
> force them to supply a name for any other field type.
> Can we make NAME #REQUIRED, and add a note to say that it should be set to
> the same as TYPE in the case of SUBMIT and RESET.
> ///Peter