Re: More syntax details in HTML 2.0?

Joe English (
Thu, 15 Jun 95 14:15:46 EDT

Peter Flynn <> wrote:

> Terry Allen writes:
> > Dave Morris writes:
> > >FINALLY ... a small change to the HTML 2.0 draft ... it seems to
> > me that a critical element missing is a formal specification of
> > exactly where the DTD should be obtained from when it IS specified
> > with an HTML document. This requires a network oriented solution
> > such that an SGML user agent which wants to use the DTD to control
> > parsing of the HTML document can find the thing without magic.

> This looks like a prima facie case for <link rev="dtd" href="...">

That won't work -- an SGML parser can't resolve the <LINK>
until it parses the <HEAD>, which it can't do until it
has the DTD.

One approach is to use a URI for the DTD's system identifier:


It's better to use a PUBLIC identifier, but there is (so far)
no way to automatically resolve them. I vaguely recall
a discussion of an "fpi:" scheme for URNs, which would use
the usual URN resolution mechanism. So a browser that saw:


would query the URN resolution service for the URN

fpi:-//IETF//DTD HTML Level 4//EN

and it would return one or more URLs by which the DTD
could be retrieved.

SoftQuad Panorama has surely solved this problem;
can anyone comment? (I don't have a Windows box handy
so I've been unable to read the Panorama docs.)

--Joe English