Fragment IDs case sensitive? [was: Comments on June 8 draft (long) ]

Daniel W. Connolly (
Thu, 15 Jun 95 14:56:06 EDT

In message <>, Joe English writes:
>> >6.4. Fragment Identifiers, p. 31, 2nd paragraph:
>[ Re: case-sensitive matching of fragment identifiers ]
>> > <A HREF="#foo"> ... <A NAME=foo>
>> >will *only* work if HTML.Recommended is *off*. I've seen
>> >lots of documents that use lowercase anchor names; are they
>> >going to have forward-compatibility problems?
>> Err... good catch. I'm changing the DTD -- getting rid of %linkName.
>> When SGML IDs are introduced, the name of the attribute will
>> change to ID.
>But what about the case-sensitivity issue?
>I'm presuming that URL fragment identifiers
>are (or will be) able to address arbitrary SGML
>IDs as well as named anchors; will they have
>to be upper-case?
>(Just checked with Lynx 2.3 Beta -- it appears to use
>case-insensitive matching for fragment IDs, contrary
>to the current spec. I'm on a VT100 today, so I can't
>test anything else; could someone else try?)

I just checked netscape 1.1N. It's definitely case sensitive.
I think the RELURL spec says its case sensitive too.



>I *could* hack the conversion script to put these
>in the right order, but I was kind of hoping that
>you'd do it by moving the <TOC> tag down a few
>lines in 'html-spec.sgm' :-) 'twould save me some work...

Ah! I see. Done (for next draft).