Re: Comments on June 8 draft (long)

Daniel W. Connolly (
Thu, 15 Jun 95 15:29:52 EDT

In message <>, Glenn Adams writes:
>I would suggest either (1) changing your text to read "would otherwise be
>recognized as markup as described in ISO 8879, Clause 9.4.5, Reference End.";
>or (2) simply using the text from 8879. The first is preferable in my
>opinion since it makes it easier to track changes in 8879 in future versions
>of the HTML which are based on revisions to 8879.

Thanks for the replacement text. Check the change log of the
next draft for details.

In general, since we've decided not to paraphrase the SGML spec in the
HTML spec, I'm putting a few more specific references to passages of
the SGML spec in various places where folks thought the HTML spec was