Re: June 15 draft -- DL

Joe English (
Thu, 15 Jun 95 20:36:31 EDT

Daniel W. Connolly <> wrote:

> OK Joe, could you spin another text version? I hope to send this
> one clear to the RFC editor, so make it good!

Done; I sent it to Dan and Jon Bosak, and it's also at:

There's an experimental, alternate PostScript version at
It's still missing the public text and the proper RFC/I-D

> Unfortunately, I had to do some major surgery on the INPUT verbage.
> I hope you like the results.

Very much! This is much better-organized.

> revision 1.11
> date: 1995/06/15 20:17:00; author: connolly; state: Exp; lines: +18 -4
> * changed HEAD content model to allow sprinkled LINK, META

Blech. [This is not a consensus-breaking "blech", just
an aesthetic comment.]

> * added verbiage about DT, DD when they don't occur in pairs

It now reads:

> The content of a DL element is a sequence of DT elements and/or DD
> elements, usually in pairs. Multiple DT may be paired with a single DD
> element. Documents should not contain multiple consecutive DD elements.

What about cases where a term has multiple definitions?

<DD>(n.) text or annotations added to a document to convey
information about it
<DD>(v.) to add markup to a document