Re: html.dtd broken?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 16 Jun 95 15:02:09 EDT

Hold the phone!

If draft 4 of the HTML 2.0 spec hasn't gone out, I'd like to make
a one-liner fix before it does.

In message <>, "Markus Ku
hn (CIP 90)" writes:
>I just tried to use your HTML DTD version
> $Id: html.dtd,v 1.27 1995/06/15 20:17:03 connolly Exp $
>with James Clark's nsgml parser (part of his SP 0.4 package on
>in pub/SGML/SP) and got the following bug report:
>html.dtd:186:15:E: parameter entity `linkType' not defined
>html.dtd:187:14:E: parameter entity `linkType' not defined
>Any idea?

Yeah. I took out an extra line during my last edit and forgot
to test it.

FUDGE! Time to re-spin the draft. Joe: please grab
-rw-r--r-- 1 connolly www 274681 Jun 16 14:56 html-spec-19950616.tar.gz

and spin it again, would you?