Tom Magliery (
Tue, 20 Jun 95 11:20:47 EDT

Sort of two birds with one stone here:

1. I see that METHODS and TITLE remain in the 15 June draft. We would
like to remain there. Everyone seems to agree on TITLE. For METHODS, we
are investigating the possible uses of this attribute as part of our
repository research, and wouldn't like for it to go away just yet.

2. In internal releases of Mosaic for Windows 2.0b5, we've added an
attribute to A called SUBJECT, which would be used with mailto: URLs for
just what you think it would be. It seems to me, though, that TITLE might
be suitable for use for this. Opinions on this?

If there are strong negative feelings about the use of TITLE for this, how
do people feel about a SUBJECT attribute?


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