Re: Attempt at HTML 2.1 (tables)

Dave Hollander (
Thu, 22 Jun 95 11:40:26 EDT

Paul Grosso writes:
> I agree with the idea of an HTML 2.1 that equals 2.0 plus tables.
> Thanks for doing this, Bert.
> ...
> I suspect you thought that subsetting the latest 3.0 model would make
> it easier to accept for 2.1, but I think this may have been a
> mis-calculation.

Yes, thank you Bert. I agree with the approach of creating 2.x fragments
to iron out issues before 3.0 is issued. This is a good first step.

I also think there is little to gain from a subset or different
table model from what is expected to be in 3.0. If the 3.0 proposal
is unworkable, we need to learn that. If it is effective, then the code,
documents and learning will be able to be carried over.

Dave Hollander