Re: Attempt at HTML 2.1 (tables)

lilley (
Fri, 23 Jun 95 07:34:59 EDT

Brian said [about making additions to HTML 2.0 independent rather than

> What we *could* do is give each incremental advance its own temporary
> mime type, like text/x-html-tables, text/x-html-maths, etc.

Hmm how many different permulations by HTML 2.8? What about

text/x-html3; tables=no; maths=yes; figure=yes; style=yes; applets=no;

Then every so often the whole standard gets an overhall and there is a
new standard equivalent to the previous one with all add-ons set to yes?
(Plus making html.reccomended stricter each time etc). At which point
it goes up a major version number, or level, or both, or whatever the
number is being called ;-) at which point we have

text/html; level=3

Just a suggestion. Of couse,in the real world, documents with tables
are being served up as plain text/html and browsers ignore parameters
to media types. Oh well. Click here if your browser supports maths
but not tables ;-( barf.

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