netscapism quote

Erik Naggum (
Sun, 25 Jun 95 03:12:55 EDT

I have been notified that Dan Connolly quotes my current signature in a
message to this list <> without giving me
credit for it. I'm of course happy that people are finding it worthy of
quoting elsewhere, but I wrote this, and would like to be associated with
it wherever it appears. I have received a number of requests for use from
people who ask me where I got it, and I have been glad to give permission
to use it as well as state clearly that it is indeed my original work.

of course, the definition of "escapism" from Merriam-Webster's Tenth
Edition Collegiate Dictionary is mimicked both in form and content.

thanks for listening, and for respecting the right of an author to be named
the author also in electronic information. it's the only right we have
left that new technology never was an excuse not to honor.

#<Erik 3013053085>

NETSCAPISM /net-'sca-,pi-z*m/ n (1995): habitual diversion of the mind to
    purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from the
    realization that the Internet was built by and for someone else.