Albert Lunde (
Tue, 27 Jun 95 23:37:30 EDT

> At 5:28 PM 6/27/95, Terry Allen wrote:
> >However, as META is not widely used for anything yet (or is it?),
> >we could contemplate a backward-incompatible change to it,
> >especially as a patch for docs should be little required and
> >very simple.
> META is used in at least MOMspider, Harvest (see the documentation for the
> SGML-based HTML summarizer), and John Franks wn server.

I did a Lycos search looking for more real-world examples, and following
up on a lead in www-talk archives, I found that the META tag is being
used by Verity's "Topic WebSearcher" software. It looks from the blurbs
on that this is a current commercial product.

Another reference leads me to beleive that ALIWEB is indexing using
META tags (see: )

I should also have remembered that META tags are used in several
Netscape hacks (i.e. http-equiv="Refresh" ).

I found the META tag used on real documents at other sites, including and (The latter
case may have been created by Internet Assistant for Word 1.00.)

I found a prior thread on meta in the working group archives where
Roy Fielding says: ... "It is currently used within thousands,
if not hundreds of thousands, of HTML documents world-wide and many tools
exist which require META." ....

(This also offers some history of the tag)

I'm inclined to think that META has escaped out of the lab into
the wild.

    Albert Lunde