Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Wed, 28 Jun 95 13:19:46 EDT writes:
> [...], I *DO* want displayable metadata... I just don't want it displayed
> as a matter of course by browsers.
> But I think we need not resolve the fine details at the outset... the
> whole idea is to quickly put in place a convention that will allow us
> to experiment without splattering the users screen with ugly constructs.
This may seem like an off-the-wall suggestion, but ...

Would it be in any way reasonable and/or acceptable for
a document's meta data to be stored outside of the
actual document and accessible via a hypertext link?

I would imagine that a collection of HTML documents (files)
that comprise a work (book) would/might have identical
associated meta data. If that is true, then a single
(or small set of) meta data file would be preferable
to repeating the meta data in each HTML file's <HEAD>.

So, I wonder whether a <LINK REL=META ...> is a possibility.

(I bet some of you saw this coming, didn't you?)


P.S. We're talking post-2.0.

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