Wed, 28 Jun 95 14:27:58 EDT

> Would it be in any way reasonable and/or acceptable for
> a document's meta data to be stored outside of the
> actual document and accessible via a hypertext link?

I believe that it will be commonplace to have a pointer to external
description... a MARC record, an FGDC record, whatever... in the META

I also believe that it will be useful to have a container that is held
within the object itself that affords the opportunity for a variety of
descriptive schemes. It should be encapsulated, splatter-proof (so as
not to be a burden to the user). It should be flexible so that we can
experiment. It should have a scheme name, so my_webwalker can look at
it and recognize it and your_webwalker can ignore it if so desired.

> (I bet some of you saw this coming, didn't you?)

yep :-)

> P.S. We're talking post-2.0.

yep :-(