Terry Allen (
Thu, 29 Jun 95 11:54:19 EDT

Murray writes:
>So, I wonder whether a <LINK REL=META ...> is a possibility.

Oh yeah. I definitely want to be able to do that, too. One of the
reasons for wanting to use HTML META is to encourage authors to
supply the info in the first place; there is some sentiment that
if authors have to write up separate docs they will be less likely
to bother.

However, if we cannot agree on extending META in HTML, <LINK REL=META
is the obvious way to go. The object pointed to by LINK could be
in any format (if in SGML, self-identifying by its doctype decl,
and presumably using the same sdecl as the doc itself --?). And
as Murray points out, there would be less redundancy among the HEADs
of various nodes of the same work.


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