Ian Graham (
Tue, 4 Jul 95 16:33:46 EDT

> Glenn Glenn Adams <> said:
> Date: Tue, 4 Jul 95 15:46:57 EDT
> From: (Alex Hopmann)
> Now lets pretend for a minute that I'm a parser that doesn't understand
> <METADATA>. So I have no idea if <METADATA> is a HEAD tag or a BODY tag.
> Perhaps the current spec should be more specific about the treatment of
> such a non-conformant document. For example, it could say:
> 1. An unknown element encountered within HEAD shall be interpreted as an
> implicit termination of HEAD and shall be interpreted according
> to the content model:
> <!ELEMENT unknown - O ANY>
> 2. An unknown element encountered within BODY shall be treated similarly
> except that it shall not terminate BODY.

But what if the the elment is followed by more HEAD elements... the above
would then miss the remaining valid head elements. e.g:

<TITLE> .... </TITLE>
<BASE HREF="..">
<META ..>
....body stuff: