Peter Flynn (
Wed, 5 Jul 95 05:43:36 EDT

Eric Bina writes:

> I would LOVE to make Netscape ignore content in the HEAD if someone
> could show me a way to do it without breaking tons of current documents

Do you mean that people are putting other stuff with content apart from
TITLE in the HEAD? Do you have any examples of this that you could fwd?

> and without breaking LEGAL HTML documents. Here is the killer message
> from Dan last time this issue came up:
> What this message means to me is if an unknown HEAD tag with content is
> encountered, the unknown tag will be ignored, and the content will force
> an assumed beginning of the body because </HEAD> is optional. Needless
> to say, this is bad.

This depends on your parsing mechanism. If you strip the unknown tags
away first, then parse the remainder, yes, the content will force
an assumed <BODY>. But if you use the presence of the (unknown) tag to
signal "body has not yet started, I have to handle this crud first,
therefore I'm still in the HEAD", then you could use the (possible)
presence of untagged content to signal the start of the BODY.

In other words, the start of the BODY could be indicated by either some
valid tags like <BODY> or by some _untagged_ content. You would need to
publicise this, so that users will know that

<bar>start of my text</bar>
more text

means that the content of <bar> will get lost. But that's not "bad",
it's the user's problem for writing crud. You can't be expected to
cater for every dork that makes up their own tags.

You seem to be saying that people put unknown tags in their files
between </TITLE> and the beginning of their (sometimes implied) BODY.
Have you got examples of this? Do we know why people are doing this?