Re: Suggestion for HTML Text Format Elements

Hakon Lie (
Wed, 5 Jul 95 10:35:46 EDT

Scott E. Preece writes:

> I think the coming of Acrobat is going to make the Web-as-we-know-it
> much less useful. I suspect common ("less-skilled-user) tools will make
> WYSIWYG preparation and Acrobat distribution the norm, losing us the
> gains we've made towards meaningfully tagged content. What the world
> *really* needs is SGML markup, with a way to send SGML-to-HTML
> conversion information along with the document; what I think we're going
> to get is pictures of information...

. which noone really wants. At the same time, authors must have a way
of influencing the final presentation -- if for no other reason that
to put some visual variations into a uniform-looking web. So, what
should one do? Personally, I think style sheets have the best
price/performance ratio.

HTML style sheets will offer a light-weight format for author- or
user-supplied presentation hints. For background information, see Discussions take place in



Hakon W Lie, W3C/INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France