Re: No More Advocacy!

Amanda Walker (
Wed, 5 Jul 95 14:58:21 EDT

> This group is not intended to INVENT anything other than specs.
> Inventions (and ideas for inventions) should be proposed
> elsewhere, discussed elsewhere, and IMPLEMENTED elsewhere. The
> only aspect of invention suitable for this group is the question:
> "Is this a good syntax for this feature within the scope
> of HTML (past, present, or future)?"

In that case, there are only two questions before us:

(1) "is HTML 2.0 done?" and (2) "is HTML 3.0 ready for draft?"

I would answer "yes" to (1), and "no" to (2).

Any other discussion is, by the definition you state, irrelevant. I have no
problem with this (for a while I was pounding this same gavel over on pem-dev
:)), but it does not seem to be how this group has in fact been operating
since last fall at the very least.

Thanks for reviving the www-* lists. That should help.

Amanda Walker
InterCon Systems Corporation