Re: TEXT, C, NOBR and WORD tags

Ka-Ping Yee (
Thu, 6 Jul 95 02:33:56 EDT

On Thu, 6 Jul 1995, Mike Meyer wrote:
> The one other issue is that I like to write things like:
> <code>/foobar/<var>user</var></code>
> I.e. - a code fragment with a variable part. This is perfectly legal,
> but has the same problems as
> <big>S</big>ee what I can do!
> in that it allows line breaks where they don't belong, and causes
> intelligent parsers to break up the words.

Not that i can't see other places where WORD could be useful -- but
i'm pretty sure the above examples don't cause the problem you're
talking about.

<big>S</big>ee what I can do!

breaks up into five words:


based on the whitespace, and is rendered that way. This kind of breaking
used to occur especially often with things like

Please have a look at <a href="blah.html">some more verbiage</a>.

where the period off the end would be put on a new line (even though


should be a single word). I think this was interpreted as a bug and
later fixed, in Mosaic. My understanding of the whitespace issue is that
whitespace *after a start tag* or *before an end tag* like

<p> some-space-preceded-this

is not significant, while whitespace like

<strong>emphasized</strong> nextword


<strong>emphasized</strong> <code>some-code-here</code>

remains significant as a word break, because it falls either *just
outside a tag* or *between two words*. So


is one word, and while it is the same as

<code>/foobar/<var> user</var></code>

, it is quite different from the two words

<code>/foobar/ <var>user</var></code>

The recent discussion on whitespace interpretation confirms half of this
belief; could someone please confirm whether this entire interpretation
is correct?

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