Terry Allen (
Thu, 6 Jul 95 14:55:22 EDT

Eric B writes:
| If I understand this proposal, it fails for new non-content head tags.
| In the above example you assume that even though the browser doesn't know
| <STYLE>, it knows to match it to </STYLE> and ignore content. Suppose
| you have:
| <!doctype html PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML Experimental//">
| <html>
| <head>
| <title>blah</title>
| <newtag>blah...
| <!-- <newtag> unknown; how do you know how far ahead to look for
| </newtag> before giving up and inferring </HEAD><BODY>
| to make "blah..." the start of the body of the document? -->

Well, Glenn pointed out that the spec says you're supposed to remove
unknown tags before figuring out the structure; that gives you

blah ...

and as #pcdata isn't allowed in HEAD, that second blah signals the
start of BODY. Put another way, you've hit something that's allowed
in BODY, so you're no longer in HEAD.

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