New to Listserv and HTML in General

john campbell (
Sat, 8 Jul 95 10:06:11 EDT

This is my first attempt at HTML programming. I am in the process of
opening my home page, and there are several questions that I have. I hope
that it is appropiate to put these here, if not I apologize for the
inconvience to the listserv members. My home page address is
[]. My questions are:

1.) How do I control the size of an image such as a GIF or JPG
file. No matter what I do, it seems to be far to large?

2.) How can I make images into thumbnails or icons within text
used to make menu style selections?

3.) What are the best books for reference use on the HTML. I am
currently using "RUNNING A PERFECT WEB SITE" that was published by QUE that
has a 1995 copywrite on it. This books seems to fairly easy to use, and had
a CD-ROM Disk with some great software on it as well.!

I am very new at this, and any advice would be appreaciated! Thanks
in advance, I hope that this does not appear as a nusience message to most!