Revised Table Proposal for HTML3
Tue, 11 Jul 95 16:45:36 EDT

I have submitted a revised proposal for html tables to the IETF which should
appear as <draft-ietf-html-tables-00.txt> in time for the Stockholm IETF
meeting of the HTML working group. I won't be able to attend the Stockholm
meeting, but hope that people there will get to discuss the new proposal.

The proposal is the outcome of the discussions at the last IETF and
subsequent talks I have had with various members of the group. You can
also get a copy from:

The most important new features are an ability to incrementally
display table data as it arrives over the net, greater control
over table borders, control of relative column widths, and a flexible
approach for controlling text alignment in cells, that builds on
previous experience with CALS.

I will be submitting a series of working documents on different aspects of
HTML3 over the next few weeks and intend to revise the full specification as
work proceeds. I have tested the new model with Netscape 1.1 for problems,
but can't find any nasty incompatibilities, i.e. tables written to the new
spec can be viewed ok, although the appearence of the borders and the cell
alignments may not be quite what the author intended.

My email system is sort of working now, and I am now starting on
the enormous backlog that has built up during my relocation from
the UK to MIT. I'm sorry for any delays incurred ...

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