Re: Agenda

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Wed, 12 Jul 95 09:12:14 EDT

Eric W. Sink writes:
> Here are some proposed items for the HTML WG meeting agenda. I'll firm this
> up a bit tomorrow, with time allocations for each item:
> Review of Charter
> It's out of date -- time to revise it.

I'll echo the request already made for the WG to consider
developing a spec for user agents. I am not volunteering
-- at least not yet -- but I think that everyone agrees
that this needs to be done. Further, I wonder if there is
anything that we could do to increase the pace of development
of new specs and I-Ds.

> Tables
> Nice to see the new draft. Dave Raggett, will you be in Stockholm?

Dave has already said that he won't be in Stockholm.
The new draft has not seen enough daylight yet, so
I sure hope that nobody expects to vote on it or anything.
It will be good to read minutes of any discussions about tables.

> Stu, want the floor for a few minutes to talk about this?
> Sub/superscripts
> What need to be said here?

What Terry said.

> International charsets
> Who wants to talk about this?

I understood that we were waiting for Gavin or Francois (or both)
to put forward an I-D. I don't think that it is, necesarily,
a given that it will be part of HTML 2.1. That will depend on
when that I-D is accepted for inclusion in HTML and when the
next HTML spec after that is scheduled. Isn't that the process
that we agreed?
> I've left off
> Link types
> Murray won't be there, right?

That's correct. However, if a spontaneous discussion were
to break out during the WG sessions or over a beer in a pub
somewhere, I would appreciate any feedback and constructive

> File upload
> Nothing much to say.