Re: A good how-to write HTML guide (was: Re: Agenda)

Peter Flynn (
Fri, 14 Jul 95 04:33:21 EDT

Dave Morris writes:

> I too feel that the HTML specification documents should be a bit more
> prescriptive in terms of implementation features such as <b><i>... </i></b>
> etc, or simply in terms of good design (having HEAD and BODY element tags,
> and so on).

I think the discussion has gone pretty much down the path that we can
recommend styles and implementation but not enforce them. My own $0.02
is that we can tell people what <b> and <i> are for, distinguish them
from <em> and <strong>, and mention that current practice is for the
browsers to treat them like WP and DTP systems do: make the font-changes
commutative. Beyond that I'm not sure we can do much more: if we added
a <goto> element, people would probably [mis]use it as well...

///Peter, favoring the introduction of <goto> next April 1st :-)