Stockholm Agenda

Eric W. Sink (
Fri, 14 Jul 95 12:33:47 EDT

OK. If no one minds, I'm going to omit the usual assignment of actual
duration of each item on the agenda. Those usually end up being totally
fictional anyway.

We've got a short meeting, so I'm really trying to avoid planning too much
for our time slot.

Here are the things I propose for discussion, ordered by a priority I
perceive. As we start the meeting, we'll do a brief review of the agenda to
see how we may want to modify it at that time.

Review of Charter
International charsets

As a reminder, our meeting is Monday from 1530 to 1730. Selected other
web-related gatherings:

http Monday 1300-1500
ssl BOF Monday 1300-1500
uri Tuesday 0900-1130
issp Tuesday 1300-1500
issp Tuesday 1930-2200

For those who will be there, I'll see you in Stockholm!

Eric W. Sink
Senior Software Engineer, Spyglass