Re: Displaying Control Characters

Terry Allen (
Tue, 18 Jul 95 20:54:04 EDT

| Terry writes:
| >Anything not in the document charset should be ignored (try parsing
| >with sgmls and see what the SGML parsing model produces).
| I think an error should be indicated in some manner. Perhaps we
| should decide on a glyph image to be displayed. Isn't there something
| like this in the Unicode standard?

Yes, an error can be indicated by "Bad HTML." If the nondoccharset
character doesn't make it through parsing, how can you expect the
rendering engine to receive it and display it in the right place?
If it's meaningless (and by definition it is), why display anything,
and why inline, which is what I take you to be suggesting?

I have to deplore attempts to give HTML a different parsing model
than SGML, because I want to use SGML tools to model the behavior
of user agents in general.

In any event, this is an issue that ought to be dealt with in the
Internet Draft that *SOMEBODY IS SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING* on 10646
and HTML, instead of in dribs and drabs.


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