Re: Default entities and AT&T
Mon, 24 Jul 95 14:58:44 EDT

The basic question I am asking is: What is the official HTML2 specified way
of handling undefined entities?

1) it is undefined
2) use SGML processing and return the default entity if defined, null if not.
3) break with SGML and return the entity name.

I can implement all of the choices but I would like to get a reading on what
the HTML2 spec says I should do. This isn't a case of telling a browser how
to behave in an error condition since SGML defines what should happen with an
undefined entity. It looks like the HTML universe needs a different behavior
than the SGML standard and the spec should point this out.

For those of you who asked, I am working on an unreleased browser that has
been under development for about 18 months.

Jom Smirl,