Re: Default entities and AT&T

Terry Allen (
Mon, 24 Jul 95 19:42:42 EDT

>I assume you mean a character entity like
&zogonek;, not an unresolved parameter entity.

There's another case, too: try out the following in various browsers:

é &eacute. &eacuterunon

Netscape, for example, renders &eacuterunon as e'runon, where e' is
a properly accented e. Given that the universe of character entities
is supposed to be closed in HTML, and the particular values it
encompasses now, that's a reasonable mode of error
recovery (probably fortuitous, but anyway).

But I agree with Dan that error recovery is for the developer to
work out, not something that goes in the spec.

However, looking to the future and the above case, there exist
ISO character entity names that are truncations of longer ones:

iso-num.gml:<!ENTITY plus SDATA "[plus ]"--=plus sign B:-- >
iso-num.gml:<!ENTITY plusmn SDATA "[plusmn]"--/pm B: =plus-or-minus sign-->

so one might want to consider that possibility when planning error


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