Re: Remarks on Tables draft

Bert Bos (
Wed, 26 Jul 95 07:41:42 EDT

Terry Allen writes:

|Some comments and questions on:
|| HTML Tables 7th July 1995
|| INTERNET DRAFT Dave Raggett, W3C
|| <draft-ietf-html-tables-00.txt>
|| Tables can contain a wide range of content, such as headers, lists,
|| paragraphs, forms, figures, preformatted text and even nested
|| tables. When the table is flush left or right, subsequent elements
|| will be flowed around the table if there is sufficient room. This
|| behaviour is disabled when the noflow attribute is given or the
|| table align attribute is center (the default), or justify.
|Does this mean one cannot have a centered table with text flowing
|around both sides?

Are you suggesting that that should be possible? If so, why?

|| * It is invalid to have cells overlap, see below for an example.
|| In such cases, the rendering is implementation dependent.
|It would be good to point out that markup that is valid according
|to the DTD may produce unpredictable results, rather than just calling
|it invalid.

Better still: change the rendering requirements so that cells don't
overlap and therefore every syntactically correct table is also
rendered correctly.

|| This can be one of: LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT, JUSTIFY and CHAR. User
|| agents may treat Justify as left alignment if they lack support
|| for text justification. ALIGN=CHAR is used for aligning cell
|| contents on a particular character. The attribute value for
|| ALIGN is case insensitive.
|A question that came up wrt CALS, and which I repeat here: how does
|one set the gutter width between columns? (I don't have the answer
|for CALS, can't see how to do it.) This was desired recently at ORA.

That's interesting. Why would you want to (apart from aesthetical



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