Re: Remarks on Tables draft

Scott E. Preece (
Wed, 26 Jul 95 09:54:02 EDT

From: "Chris Tilbury" <>
| With 2 different means available to /disable/ text flow, why is
| it necessary to involve the issue of text flow in the ALIGN
| attribute at all? The damn thing is a big enough mess as it is already,
| without making some of the attribute values twice as complicated by
| having to remember which does what to text flow.
| What's wrong with turning text flow on, by default, and telling
| people to just use NOFLOW if they don't want it to flow? Specifiying
| that ALIGN="CENTER" has no text flow is, perhaps, needlessly limiting
| the capabilities of HTML.
| (If we do cripple HTML like this, then you can guarantee that someone
| *will* come up with a "FLOW" attribute, outside of this working
| group, and I'll give you one guess who that someone will be ...)

One small problem with allowing flow around a CENTERed table si that you have two flow areas, so you have to decide whether to flow horizontally (text goes line by line, each lne with some text left of the table and some text right of the table) or to flow vertically (flowing down the column to the left of the table and then flowing down the column to the right of the table).

I do agree, though, that centered with flow on both sides should be allowed.


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