Re: Last Call: Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 to Proposed Standard

Christopher R. Maden (
Wed, 26 Jul 95 10:33:45 EDT

Roy Fielding wrote:
> In Section 5.7.3 (Anchor), the draft correctly states that
> The REL attribute gives the relationship(s) described by the
> hyperlink. The value is a whitespace separated list of
> relationship names.
> whereas, in Section 9.1 (HTML DTD), the draft incorrectly defines
> <!ENTITY % linkExtraAttributes
> "REL %linkType #IMPLIED

Where %linkType is "NAME". That doesn't allow for any whitespace at
all, but:

> The correct definition for this feature is:
> <!ENTITY % linkExtraAttributes

That's not quite right either. Production [40] of ISO 8879 allowes a
name token list to be a list of names separated by SPACE, usually
character 32. This excludes line breaks, tabs, and other whitespace.
I think CDATA might be a better choice, as it would allow more
flexibility for casual authors. If I'm using emacs with auto-fill-
mode to author my HTML, and it line wraps a NAMES attribute value, my
HTML is now invalid. (Of course, psgml wouldn't let that happen,


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