Re: Remarks on Tables draft

Scott E. Preece (
Wed, 26 Jul 95 12:10:01 EDT

From: Bert Bos <>
| [responding to claim that it should be possible to CENTER a table
| with text flow on both sides of it]

| My point is that I doubt someone needs this. If somebody tries to use
| this, than he should probably think again. Text flowing at two sides
| of something is almost unreadable.


Well, it *can* be a useful semantic specification to indicate that some specific text should go to the right of a table or figure and some other text should go on the left (as, for instance, when the text on the left is a list of positive arguments about the contents of a table and the text on the right is a list of negative arguments). On the other hand, just allowing flow isn't enough to allow you to make that distinction, anyway, since you can't specify where the flow breaks occur. That particular usage might be better modeled as multiple CAPTIONs associated with a single TABLE.


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