Re: Language Markup

Albert Lunde (
Sat, 29 Jul 95 11:37:08 EDT

> However, here the need is not to distinguish dialects but to distinguish
> major language divisions so as to know what font to use for one of the
> "unified" characters. So the value could well be restricted to that cited
> above, s.v. LANG attribute.
> Would someone (Albert?) like to construct a counterargument that
> en-cockney and the like are desirable in HTML markup? in the absence
> of any standard or common list of values following the hyphen?

My reasoning was more simple-minded: I wanted to be consistent
with HTTP, and use other RFCs if possible. It doesn't seem like
the extra generality does great harm, but I'm not inclined
to argue the point one way or the other, especially as I don't
know the history of that RFC.

I would suggest that language might effect other presentation
attributes besides font in a "smart" browser... someone raised
the question of different quoting styles in one of the lists
(though maybe this is locale (a la ANSI C) rather than language).

    Albert Lunde