Re: draft-ietf-html-tables-00.txt - table height

Bert Bos (
Mon, 31 Jul 95 08:27:21 EDT

Jon Smirl writes:
|Has any consideration been given to allowing a table height attribute as well
|as table width? I would like to be able to create a table displaying the
|header and footer and then have the rows occupy a scrollable region between
|the two.
|Stylesheets could override the height and always display the full table. The
|table would also be fully expanded for printing.
|This subject is actually a general question: how are collapsed display
|renderings going to be handled in HTML? The Outlined List proposal is
|addressing this same issue.

Setting the height of an element or folding it can be done in the
style sheet. No extra attributes are needed in HTML.

The way to express this in a style sheet has so far not had much
discussion, but it seems likely that here will be a property that can
turn any block-like element into a button (to fold/unfold/popup) or
into a fixed height scrollable box. There will probably be a proposal
in the next draft of the Cascading Style Sheets


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