Re: I propose (seriously, sorry) another tag
Mon, 31 Jul 95 15:40:56 EDT


Add a Header element that specifies geographical location,
by nation and postal code.

What you want to do makes excellent sense, but I'm not sure where you
want to do it makes sense. From a practical point of view I'd prefer to
actuallu *use* this data earlier in the process. I'd like it to be at
the HTTP level. the browser sets the users location, it shows up as an
environment variable on the server. you can then use CGI to generate a
redirect to the proper local repository of the data or your
programatically generated 'page' can insert a block of region specific

It's been a while since I looked at the current HTTP spec, this may even
already be there.

By the time the browser has retrieved the doc (even with HEAD) you've
defeated the purpose, at least as I see it.

Gary Rich